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Lhasa Limited

About Company

Lhasa Limited is a well established not-for-profit company and educational charity. Lhasa's charitable objective is to promote the development and use of computer-aided reasoning and information systems for the advancement of chemistry and the chemistry related sciences.
Lhasa Limited is a leading global supplier of knowledge based software and associated databases for use in metabolism, toxicology, and related sciences.

Lhasa Limited specialises in the development of expert computer systems for toxicity and metabolism prediction. Lhasa provides a number of extensive and continually updated knowledge bases and the software needed to interrogate them.
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  • General Information: Software & Services
  • Derek Nexus
  • Meteor
  • Vitic Nexus
  • Zeneth

Users of Lhasa Limited software become members of the company. Apart from acquiring a licence to use Lhasa's software there are many other benefits to joining. Lhasa Limited really values its members and offer outstanding customer support. Lhasa also organises regular international meetings where scientists can get together to discuss the use of Lhasa Limited software and determine the future direction of its work.

Research and Collaboration
Lhasa Limited is an active research organisation with an enviable reputation for collaborative work and the promotion of data sharing. Lhasa works closely with its members in the research and development of software for the chemical and biomolecular sciences.

Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the development and use of computer-aided reasoning and information systems.
The charitable aims of Lhasa Limited include the sponsorship of activities that advance scientific knowledge and understanding.

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Lhasa Limited

22-23 Blenheim Terrace
Leeds, LS2 9HD Woodhouse Lane

Phone: +44 (0113) 394 6020

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