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mPhase Technologies

About Company

mPhase Technologies, a publicly traded company on the OTCBB under ticker symbol XDSL, is the undisputed global leader in the development of the battery of the future…today. At the forefront of mPhase’s movement is AlwaysReady, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of mPhase Technologies, Inc. Chief developers within AlwaysReady, Inc. have completely revamped the conventional idea of the battery with their Smart Battery by means of over ten patents involving battery technology.
Smart NanoBattery Power Management:

A key differentiating feature of the AlwaysReady Smart NanoBattery is Power On Command™. This feature is the ability of the user to locally or remotely activate the battery, in effect turning it on from an inactive or reserve state. Prior to activation, the battery's chemicals remain separate, therefore supplying no power. Activation is initiated on the user’s command causing the chemicals to mix, electrochemical reactions to occur, and power to be supplied to an electronic device.

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mPhase Technologies

150 Clove Road
NJ, 07424 Little Falls

Phone: +1 (973) 256-3737

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