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Salvona Technologies

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Salvona LLC. is a privately held company founded in 1998. The company focuses on developing and commercializing a broad array of nanotechnology engineered controlled delivery systems and biodegradable devices for a wide spectrum of commercial applications.

Since it was established, in 1998, the holding company, Salvona LLC., has focused on developing new and advanced controlled delivery systems and biodegradable devices based on nanotechnology to bridge the technology gaps in this field and create innovative tools to create new products. The company established an “umbrella” of intellectual property covering its broad range of technology platforms that will allow Salvona the “freedom to operate” in 4 fields of applications: consumer care and cosmetics, food and nutraceuticals, health care, and fabric care and household, for the next 20 years. The patent portfolio of Salvona covers both composition and application patents.

The company was self sufficient financially through conducting contracted research and development and personal financial resources. In August 2003, the company reorganized and Salvona, LLC became the holding company for six companies identified as: (1) Salvona Consumer Care LLC., (2) Salvona Health Care LLC., (3) Salvona Food and Nutriceuticals LLC., (4) Salvona Fabric Care & Household LLC., (5) Salvona Technologies, a research and development company, and (6) Salvona Intellectual Property (IP) Inc., a holding company of Salvona’s IP.

The mission statement of Salvona is to enhance people’s quality of life through innovative, cutting-edge nanotechnology and the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Salvona’s proprietary technology platforms include nanotechnology based particulates; nanospheres, nanoparticles, microspheres, microparticles, nanotechnology engineered invisible patches, and biodegradable devices. The company established an umbrella of intellectual property covering its broad nanotechnology platforms that provides Salvona the freedom to operate and apply these technologies in the following market segments: consumer care and cosmetics, food and nutraceuticals, health care and oral hygiene, and fabric care and household. The patent portfolio covers both compositions and applications. The company applied for close to 100 patents, (20 of which have been granted).

Salvona offers a wide array of services related to these advanced technology delivery systems that range from research and development through commercialization and large scale production. Through Salvona’s unique and proprietary nanotechnologies, the possibilities of developing innovative products are limitless.

Salvona is seeking to achieve growth through strategic sales of a wide array of nanotechnology engineered controlled-delivery systems and bidegradable devices. Salvona is working with market leaders to produce superior performing products and develop new markets and business opportunities.

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Salvona Technologies

Ed Armamento, AE Chemie, 555 E. Airline Way
CA, 90248 Gardena

Phone: 1 (310) 523 2888

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