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Novascan Technologies, Inc.

About Company

Since the late 1990's Novascan has been a nanotechnology company that specializes in atomic force microscopy (AFM). Our products include typical Atomic Force Microscopes as well as specialized Atomic Force Microscopes that can be integrated with a variety of complimentary instruments such as confocal microscopes, Laser optical traps, and a host of optical microscope setups. Our design team is ready to help you with your special hardware and software needs.

Novascan also offers custom AFM tips with particles and surface chemistries, UV Ozone surface cleaning systems, AFM acoustic isolation hoods, and vibration isolation systems. Our tools are used worldwide by top researchers to visualize, characterize and manipulate microscopic and nanoscopic environments.

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Novascan Technologies, Inc.

131 Main Street
IA, 50010 Ames

Phone: +1 (800) 303-1265

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