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Angstrom Advanced Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Angstrom Advanced Inc. is a leading supplier of scientific instruments, such as Atomic Force Microscopes, X-ray diffraction equipment, Scanning Electron Microscope, Ellipsometer and Gas products, such as Hydrogen Generators.

One example out of Angstrom Advanced accomplishments: Angstrom Advanced cutting-edge patented Hydrogen Generation technology has been tested by National Renewable Energy Laboratory, one of the largest clean energy research organizations in the world, for Angstrom Advanced special design for Clean Energy sector. After years of renovation and improvements, Angstrom Advanced delivers a reputable and highly efficient Hydrogen product line globally accepted by renewable energy industry.

Angstrom Advanced is proud to carry models that are at the top of the market in terms of quality, ability and price. Angstrom Advanced has a wide variety of models available, suitable to be tailored for specific applications at various price points. Angstrom Advanced supplies a wide range of equipment that falls into the following categories:

•    Angstrom Advanced Ellipsometers
•    Angstrom Advanced High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems (HPLC), HPLC Accessories & Gas Chromatography Systems, Mass Spectrometers

•    Angstrom Advanced X-ray Diffractometers and X-ray Flaw Detectors
•    Angstrom Advanced Particle Size Analyzers
•    Angstrom Advanced Hydrogen Generators by Water electrolysis
•    Angstrom Advanced Renewable Hydrogen +Fuel Cell systems
•    Angstrom Advanced Gas Generators
•    Angstrom Advanced Atomic Force Microscope/Scanning Probe Microscopes
•    Angstrom Advanced Element analyzers
•    Angstrom Advance Hydrogen Generating Plants
•    Angstrom Advanced Nitrogen Gas Generating Plants
•    Angstrom Advanced Liquid Nitrogen Plants

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Angstrom Advanced Inc.

6 Brooks Drive
MA, 02184 Braintree

Phone: +1 (781) 519-4765

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