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Torr International, Inc.

About Company

 Torr International, Inc., incorporated in 1989, is a specialist in Thin Film and Nanotechnology.

Torr’s products include Magnetron Sputtering, Electron Beam and Thermal Evaporation systems for diverse applications. These may include specimen preparation for scanning electron microscopes or research and development with metal, dielectric and organic materials.

Torr International Inc. also creates custom-built multi-target sophisticated systems for special applications, and manufactures Reactive Ion Etching systems, PECVD and Plasma Process machines for metals, dielectrics and polymers.

Torr also designs combination systems that include two or more sources, providing an economical option for today’s research environment. Torr also produces Compact Research Coaters and supplies all the accessories needed for Thin Film Deposition work.

Torr serves a worldwide market in the areas of Thin Film Deposition and Etching as well as high vacuum technology.

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Torr International, Inc.

12 Columbus Street
New York, 12553 New Windsor

Phone: +1 (845) 565-4027

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