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Simplest method of measuring nanoparticles’ size and size distribution on the surface and on sub-surface layers

Recently there has been an emphasis for characterizing nanostructured materials such as twodimensional (2D) and zero-dimensional (0D) materials. For example, graphene, carbon nanotubes, etc. are two-dimensional (2D) m...

Scientists create the world's smallest snowman - used nanotechnology

Scientists have created the world’s smallest 'snowman', measuring about a fifth of the width of a human hair. To envision how small this snowman is, know that the average human hair is 75 microns thick and Western U...

Nanostructured Filters in Shipping

Hardly anybody realizes that cargo ships rank among the biggest polluters of the planet. Approximately 55,000 cargo ships sail daily across oceans and are still powered by fuel that is much dirtier than diesel....

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