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Shanghai ADD Nano-ST Co., Ltd.

About Company

Shanghai ADD Nano-ST Co., Ltd. is high-tech enterprise, having high-caliber researchers, technicians and salesperson, with flexible operation mechanism, mainly engaged in the application research of nanometer-structured material, R&D of new product, technology transfer, technical consultation, technical service, production and management of the new-developed products. Our company has own research, development and production base of nanometer-structured modified mew material, with very strong ability to research and develop new materials. Aiming at market demands, our company continuously develops new technology and new products, and hatchs and sponsors new economic industries such as nanometer-structured material industry together with people from various fields with emphasis on using nanometer high-tech to reform the traditional industries. The company will do his best to advance with the domestic and overseas counterparts, and make his own contribution to the development of our country’s nano-structured material science, technology and industry as well as national economy construction.

At present, our main products and technology include PTFE that is important industrial material widelyused in plastic industry,lubricant industry,textile industry,printing & dyeing industry.Our Product, PTFE super fine powder and PTFE nano powder are in advance of China.
They are also attain the position of the world.

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Shanghai ADD Nano-ST Co., Ltd.

No.178 Road
Shanghai, 200071 Zhongshan

Phone: +86 (021) 66288819

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