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Faq - frequently asked questions

1) What’s the difference between a registered user and the one that is not registered?

A registered user can use the sites fully, while respecting the site rules. They have a lot of other options including adding the company, its products and managing its profile.

Once you register, you can:

  • get access to special offers
  • attend discussions
  • get important information first
  • evaluate other companies and products
  • manage the site more easily
  • open, manage, and highlight your own company profile

2) Why do I have to register if I want to open a company profile?

It’s necessary to choose a responsible person that will be in charge of our collaboration. If not registered, we wouldn’t know who to contact and who is authorized to manage the profile. At the same time we provide high quality in the data.

3) What is the difference between paid and free service?

You can use the Nanoorbit website free of charge (FREE). Your company will be listed only in the list and search results. You can add a number of products to its profile. The number of products is limited though. Other products can be added only if you have the paid profile. You can pay for a wide range of additional services and offers on our web portal. For example a highlighted profile, better position and partner link. We can guarantee then further development and high quality of the website.

4)How do I make products in the company profile active?

If you have created a profile, then you can easily add your company products. Afterwards, they are approved by our editorial board. Then they will be visible in the public profile.

5)How can I highlight our company and move it to the first place in the list?

This is a paid service. Choose a paid profile in the setting. After you pay, the service will be active for the time you have prepaid.

6) Can I react to our customers’ reviews?

You can react if you are signed-into in your company profile, which you can manage. Then you will see a link “react” next to each review.

7) Can I have one single login for more companies?

This is not possible.

8)What size of the company logo image should be?

It should be 230x150px, maximum, 300 KB. Save the logo in *jpg or *png.

9)How can I become a section partner?

The idea of the section partner is visibility of your company in the chosen section across all the sites of the section. It is a paid service and you can order it on the site where you edit the company profile.