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Shenzhen Junye Nano Material Co., Ltd. (SJNMC)

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Shenzhen Junye Nano Material Co., Ltd. (SJNMC) is a high-tech enterprise involved in the frontal research and development of nanomaterials. It was founded in October 1997.

It has a research troupe full of exploratory and pioneering spirit, and has established close ties with domestic well-recognized universities and institutes. It has rich technical resources and tremendous power.

It has solely developed the nanoparticle manufacture technology which leads this industry in the world, SJNMC has applied for national invention patent and international invention patent (PTC) and won proprietary intellectual properties. At present we are capable of manufacture such products as metal series nanoparticles, carbon series nanoparticles, compound series nanoparticles, etc. which are widely used in such fields as information telecommunication, biological pharmacology, micro electronic, cosmetic and health, organic chemical, aerospace. It not only rationally improves the performances of the existing products of the industry, but also brings about new products with epoch-making significance. In our minds, the new lives we expect through nanotechnology is more than to words in paper, it has become reality.

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Shenzhen Junye Nano Material Co., Ltd. (SJNMC)

Shenzhen Grand Industrial Zone,
China Shenzhen


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