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Nano Superlattice Technology Inc.

About Company

Since its inception in 2002, Nano Superlattice Technology's business has focused on research and development and mass production of nano-scale coating technology. Nano's technology is being applied to various products which meet the needs of the world's semiconductor, precision machinery and telecommunication industries.

Currently, Nano is primarily applying its technology for use in industrial drills, milling cutters, cell phone casings and buttons, and heat sinks for computers. The Company's super-hard alloy coating materials were especially developed for printed circuit board drills in response to market requirements for diversified, multi-layer and high density base materials.

The Company's unique core technology is the Superlattice ABS (Arc Bond and Sputtering) system coating technology. The Superlattice ABS system technology combines multiple nano-scale layers of various elements including, titanium, nickel, vanadium and aluminum, among others, which are known to have excellent hardness properties and chemical resistances, in consecutive films that give the base material of the product that is coated a new and improved structure.

The application of the coating on industrial products is designed to change their physical properties, thus improving an individual product's durability, resistance, chemical and physical characteristics as well as performance.

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Nano Superlattice Technology Inc.


Phone: 886 (3) 349-8677

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