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GeneOhm Sciences Inc.

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Material Manufacturer

About Company

GeneOhm Sciences, Inc. is a molecular diagnostic company at the forefront of developing rapid, nucleic acid-based systems, to detect and identify infectious agents and genetic variations. Leveraging the advantages of rapid, molecular-based diagnostics, we aspire to transform health-care by enabling earlier and more definitive clinical decisions that improve both the quality and the cost of patient care. The company is dedicated to offering laboratories and clinicians state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared, molecular based tests that can provide results in less than two hours.

Established in San Diego, California in 2001, the company merged with Infectio Diagnostic, (I.D.I.), Inc. of Québec, Canada in 2004. The integrated company combines an extensive portfolio of proprietary technology, know-how, and capabilities with an experienced and accomplished management team.

Our current commercial product portfolio includes two rapid, amplified nucleic acid-based assays cleared by the FDA, Health Canada and bearing the CE mark: the IDI-Strep B™ Assay for rapid detection of Group B Streptococcus and the IDI-MRSA™ Assay for detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus directly from clinical specimens. These breakthrough products are the first molecular-based diagnostic products cleared by the FDA which meet the specifications required to replace standard culture methods.

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GeneOhm Sciences Inc.

6146 Nancy Ridge Drive
CA, 92121 San Diego

Phone: 1 (858) 334 6300

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