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Nanoscience Inc.

About Company

Nanoscience Inc. is an investment company focused on the commercial opportunities afforded by disruptive technologies in major markets. Leading edge fields such as nanotechnology provide it with a platform to address healthcare, homeland security, sports, and digital broadcasting.

Nanoscience acquired Toumaz and made its initial investment in Future Waves in 2005. The Group has focused its resources into turning the technology into marketable products in 2006 and is seeing the first revenues flow through Future Waves in 2007. Nanoscience' Directors believe the Group’s technical innovation will achieve good market penetration in 2008 with critical commercial agreements in all parts of the globe.

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Nanoscience Inc.

c/o Corvus Management SA, 30 Quai Gustave-Ador
CH-1207 Geneva

Phone: +41 (22) 308 6999

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