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Anasys Instruments Corporation

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Materials Characterization Instrumentation

About Company

Anasys Instruments provides innovative AFM and related accessories which offer chemical, mechanical, and thermal analysis at the sub-100nm scale. The Company’s technology and products are being used to address metrology and analysis challenges in the polymers, pharmaceuticals, data-storage, and advanced-materials markets.

Anasys has been awarded numerous awards which establish Anasys as leaders in innovative technology, including the inaugural MICRO/NANO 25 Award in 2007, the R&D 100 Award in 2010 for the nanoIR and Microscopy Today’s 2011 Innovation Award for their breakthrough AFM-IR platform.

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Anasys Instruments Corporation

121 Gray Avenue, Suite 100
California, 93109 Santa Barbara

Phone: 1 (805) 455 5482

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