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LG Motion Ltd.

About Company

LG Motion Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells specialist motion technology components, products, solutions and services to meet the performance needs of professional institutes and organizations throughout the world.
LG Motion’s full design and manufacturing facility enables an innovative and flexible approach to provide solutions that can offer many clear-cut advantages and improvements over other technologies.
Working with a broad range of leading companies across science and industry including Laboratory Automation, Scientific Research, Aerospace & Defence, Processing & Packaging, Energy and Specialist System Integrator markets, LG Motion Ltd continues to develop a reputation for successful and reliable motion technology solutions.
With an inherent quality culture of constant improvement, reinforced with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard, LG Motion is proud of its commitment to exceed customer expectations.
Through its acknowledged position as leading motion technology engineers, the company maintains links with other specialist manufacturers and suppliers around the world.


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LG Motion Ltd.

Unit 1A & 1B Telford Road, Houndmills Estate
Hampshire, RG21 6YU Basingstoke

Phone: +44 (0) 1256 365 600

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