They invented a new nanomaterial that is affordable and safe.

Their a new nanomaterial is called PHYTOSPHERIX™. The  main advantage of it is that it is a natural biopolymer that can be extracted in the form of completely uniform-sized nanoparticles and is safe. Here are main advantages:

  • PHYTOSPHERIX™ is affordable
  • PHYTOSPHERIX™ is safe & non-toxic
  • PHYTOSPHERIX™ outperforms conventional additives
Their unique nanomaterial is a film-former allowing the formation of ultra-thin coatings (films) on surfaces (such as the coating of human hair by a hair conditioner). Next usage is coatings on pills or on food,

in cosmetic products (such as makeup and hair color,  PF stabilizer in sunscreens, Hyaluronic Acid Replacement - a lower cost and endotoxin-free supplement, stabilizer of vitamins, flavors, etc., safe lubricant for medical device,  contrast agent for medical diagnostics etc.

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361 Southgate Drive, Unit C
N1G 3M5 Guelph

Phone: +1 (519) 829 1221

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