The company operates in hi-tech research and industrial development of innovative processes in the plasma.

PLASMAPPS is a new company founded by a private company working in the field of renewable energies with a long experience gained in the field of engineering industrial plasma processes and reactors, in scientific collaboration with the academic group of plasma chemistry of Bari University. PLASMAPPS is devoted to provide industries and research laboratories with solutions based on cold plasma technology. Customized industrial plasma processes for modifying the surface of materials and not-standard plasma-reactors (sale and service) are the main products of PLASMAPPS. The mission is to help companies to develop new surfaces on materials by providing customized low temperature plasma processes and plasma reactors compatible with their industrial needs. PLASMAPPS can manage different strategies for processing substrates of different kind such as complex 3D surfaces, webs, tubes, and granules; for textiles the company manages technologies from the laboratory to industrial scale reactors (roll-to-roll, reel to reel, etc).The company operates in the area of plasma processes for surface-modification of materials for several applications, including: nanostructured coatings, functional coatings, biomedical applications, barrier coatings, polymers, textiles, pharmaceutical, food packaging, microelectronics and optoelectronics.

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Via Vigili del Fuoco Caduti in Servizio
70123 Bari

Phone: 39 080 9751306

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