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Colossal Storage Corp.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Colossal Storage Corporation is a Maryland research and development company focused on 2D Spintronic and 3D Holographic Optical Nanostorage.

The Company has exclusive licenses to dominant patents, the first patents issued in any field that details the discovery of something totally new and unique.

The US Patent office says Michael E. Thomas is the first person in USPTO history to teach the art of a Non-Contact optical tuning method using photon induced electric field poling of a ferroelectric molecule used as an " Atomic / Photonic / Quantum Switch ", i.e., first-to-invent and first-to-file for a unique device.

Thomas' patents expire in 2020, but he already has many new patentable ferroelectric atomic holographic storage ideas using his patented UV laser atom nanoparticle optical switch function based on UV photon induced electric field poling that will be filed in 2020 extending the patent protection until 2040.

Patents Granted on a Disruptive NanoTechnology for development of Rewritable Ferroelectric Volume Atomic Holographic Optical Storage NanoTechnology.

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Colossal Storage Corp.

506 4th Street
Maryland, 21851 Pocomoke City

Phone: 1 (410) 957 1990

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