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Symphotic TII Corporation

About Company

Symphotic TII Corporation is dedicated to providing the high quality instruments and tools for research, engineering and industry. We also are committed to providing the highest level of customer care. All of our products are directly related to our extensive experience in spectroscopy, lasers, and imaging technologies.

We are working with Tokyo Instruments Inc. to provide a new Raman microscopy system, the Nanofinder® 30 High Resolution Raman Microspectroscopy System. We also offer high quality lasers, monochromators, spectrographs from the Tokyo Instruments group. We have been quite successful with our Nd:YAG lasers, which have found applications in a number of imaging, spectroscopy and research applications, and our laser product line is noted for its variety, high quality, and affordability.

In addition, we are an authorized representative for Thermo Electron Cameras and Imagers. Soon after founding the company, we introduced our first product: the AquaRAD radiation tolerant underwater camera, which is based on this technology. These cameras are being used at nuclear energy and research facilities world-wide.

Our experience with underwater deployment of radiation tolerant cameras has brought us many customers who require underwater imaging and robotics technology. Through our exclusive relationship with Roper Resources, Ltd., we now offer a full line of underwater imaging and research products including imaging and scanning sonar, underwater cameras, and three types of deployment vehicles: crawlers, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

Our work with the nuclear power industry and our experience in spectroscopy has led to a key partnership with Enwave Optronics. Together we are developing new laser and Raman products.

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Symphotic TII Corporation

880 Calle Plano, Unit K
CA, 93012-8573 Camarillo

Phone: 1 (805) 4846639

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