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MembraSense Limited has developed a new bi-lipid membrane technology which closely mimics the behaviour and properties of natural cell membranes. This patented technology, known as MembraSense™ BioMembrane, allows the incorporation of natural receptor molecules for biological research purposes. Applications include fundamental membrane research, receptor studies and the investigation of cell function in health and disease.

MembraSense™ BioMembranes offer easy-to-use methods for mimicking the behaviour of natural membranes for biological research. This enables the study of receptor function with high sensitivity, selectivity, robustness, reliability, speed of response and with wide dynamic range. MembraSense Limited is now in a position to offer MembraSense™ BioMembranes to membrane research groups, enabling scientists to investigate cell processes or related areas where membranes play an important role.

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Puma Way
United Kingdom Coventry, CV1 2TX


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