Nanolamina OHG

Nanolamina OHG

Nanolamine focuses on materials and solutions based on the chemical nanotechnology and silicate technology. Company represents a branch of construction engineering and management of buildings for over twenty years.

Qualified personnel is a key for success in every company. Staff members include intern and extern specialists who are working on research and development projects. Company offers novel applications to modify surfaces and provides complete products for seasonable building. Cost efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection are always taken in consideration when working on projects. Nanolamine disposes of the following products: - Cleaner This product, which has a high practical spreading rate, is used to remove every kind of pollution such as the maintenance cleaning, surface conditioning, for coatings and solution of tenacious cases. - Active coatings Applications based on nano-scaled titanium dioxide. Active coatings are used for glass, metal, synthetic and plastic materials, hygiene, solar glass and so on. - Passive coatings These coatings generate an easy-to-clean surface, which protects against environmental influences and pollution. Wood, glass, ceramics, textile, mobile are just few of the examples where passive coatings are useful. - Silicate technology This technology realises manifold applications in building for contemporary repairing, reconstruction and new-construction. Integration of polymeric coatings and inorganic binding materials make it possible to create silicates. Apart from products company offers services connected with professional application of technologies at the trading, public and private area. Further information is available on a website.

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Nanolamina OHG

Am Lungwitzbach 1

Phone: +49 (0) 3763 – 40 23 39

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