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Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

NANOLANE is specialized in optical solutions at nanoscale and commercializes characterization tools based on the label-free patented SEEC (Surface Enhanced Ellipsometry Contrast) optical technique which extends the analysis possibilities of regular optical systems in the field of nanotechnologies. The SEEC Microscopy is the only technique to provide the visualization and the topographic study of nanometric samples in air and in water:

  • in real-time

  • without any labeling

  • with a sub-micrometric lateral resolution (<300nm).

These main features make the SEEC Microscopy a powerful and perfectly adapted technique for any sample analysis especially, in the field of organic and biological samples.

Nanolane also offers adapted solutions for AFM, RAMAN,… users through dedicated SEEC slides and the design and manufacture of high-resolution optical systems for precise and fast RoI localization.

Nanolane belongs to éolane whose main activity is the design and fabrication of professional electronic products. Éolane gathers more than 3300 employees in 24 companies worldwide.

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Technopole Université
72000 Le Mans 10 rue Xavier Bichat

Phone: +33 (02) 43 54 09 00

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