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Aveso, Inc.

About Company

Aveso, Inc. is the leading provider of flexible displays suitable for high volume, cost-sensitive mass consumer applications. The company’s paper-thin, rugged display products are designed for applications where it has been impossible or impractical to integrate displays in the past, due to cost, form factor or scalability.

Aveso’s displays are based on a patented electro-active ink technology that makes it possible to manufacture displays using installed manufacturing capacity and readily available materials. Aveso’s low voltage operation (<1.0V) allows for display drive code to be loaded onto customer-specific silicon or low-cost, general purpose microprocessors. The displays can also be driven via Radio Frequency (RF) energy for contactless applications.

A spin-out from The Dow Chemical Company, Aveso was founded in July 2004 with venture capital financing from premier firms ARCH Venture Capital and Frazier Technology Ventures. Dow Chemical funded the original research and development efforts for Aveso’s proprietary display technology and remains an investor in the Company. The Company’s name is derived from the Spanish “aviso” or “avisar,” meaning to notify, inform, or warn – a link to the critical nature of the information Aveso displays deliver.

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Aveso, Inc.

5155 East River Road, Suite 411
MN, 55421 Fridley,

Phone: 1 (763) 571.4485

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