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TECO Nanotech Co. Ltd

About Company

The predecessor of TECO Nanotech Co., Ltd. is Teco Information Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1989 and supplying color monitor for domestic and overseas markets. In 1997, TECO Electric & Machinery, UMC Group, KGI Group and NEC of Japan raised funds together to establish TECO Information, CRT plant for the production of 17 inches Flat and Multimedia High Illumination Cathode Ray Tube?

With the great development of the nano technology, it is expected to apply on Flat Panel Display widely?In order to meet with the business opportunity of nano-tech products, TECO Information has been renamed, in Aug. 2002, to be TECO Nanotech Co., Ltd. Corp.

It will be focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of Carbon Nano Tube Field Emission Display to step into the field of FPD panel and modular?It will, at the same, develop carbon nano tube and other nanocomposite applications to position it as the other operation key?

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TECO Nanotech Co. Ltd

6F, No. 156-1, Sungchiang Road
Taiwan Taipei City


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