Riber is the world leader among providers of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) equipment, the most versatile and precise tool to deposit precise amounts of material onto substrates and which are used to design and create the newest semiconductor structures for producing many novel devices.

Riber is also a leading supplier of high-quality material evaporation sources. These can be used to produce inexpensive thin-film solar cells, create the displays of tomorrow’s organic LED TVs, and help to make ultra-small silicon transistors that will result into faster, more powerful PCs. To operate successfully in all its markets, Riber is organized into two divisions: MBE systems and service, cells and accessories. The MBE portfolio ranges from competitively priced highly capable research reactors used by the leading research centers all around the world to far larger production machines which are operating in many of the world's leading compound semiconductor foundries with the lowest cost of ownership. Riber’s cells and sources deliver a wide range of high-quality products, and the service division provides exceptional technical support, advice, equipment upgrades, and reactor maintenance to MBE users of every reactor made by Riber and VG Semicon. To ensure a fast response to customers all around the world, Riber provides support from its headquarters in France and additional offices in the US and Asia.

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31, rue Casimir Périer
70083 Bezons


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