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NanoReady Ltd.

About Company

NanoReady is dedicated to enhancing specific characteristics of a selected element while maintaining its physical dimensions, thus enabling manufacturers to improve products and save process time and costs.

NanoReady develops, markets and manufactures nanoparticles from a wide variety of materials. Applying patent-pending technologies that produce highly consistent and stable nanoparticles, NanoReady offers manufacturers unique opportunities for enhancing a wide range of products.

Unlike other nanoparticles, NanoReady particles are supplied in dry form and are free of particulate agglomeration. They are more consistent in both size and shape; they are not prone to particle flyaway; and they offer unmatched long-term chemical stability. Applied as additives to industrial materials, NanoReady particles significantly improve the materials’ key performance attributes, such as strength, durability, flexibility, weight, and surface finish. By more seamlessly and efficiently integrating with and enhancing product manufacturing processes, NanoReady particles enable superior finished products, while also reducing energy consumption and processing time and cost.

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NanoReady Ltd.

3 Yedid Haholot Street
38900 Caesarea

Phone: +972 (3) 6500-075

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