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Inspiraz Technology Pte Ltd

About Company

In this knowledge-based era, innovation and technology are powerful drivers for the long-term growth of a community. We are committed to providing an environment conducive to innovation and technology, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity, add value and enhance the competitiveness of the people and our community.

We are one of the pioneer companies in Singapore to move into the nanotechnology business and has been set up with the vision to provide value-added surface coating solutions to meet the needs of the customers. One of the key areas of expertise will include providing products with nano-particles to meet to the specific problem/issues of the customers. We can also help our customers to re-invent their business by enhancing their products with more features & technology, thus differentiating them with their competitors.

We have a range of products which has been catered for the consumer and industrial use. One of the distinctive advantage is that we do not need special equipment or process to apply our products onto any substrates. In fact, our products are easy to use, easy to apply and the positive effects of the coating can be seen in very short time. We have created a wide range of products that can work on almost all surfaces, including plastics, concrete, ceramics, granite, roofing, wood, metal, glass, rubber, etc.

Together with the huge pool of talent, we have a formidable force that can turn great ideas and invention into huge business opportunities.

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Inspiraz Technology Pte Ltd

#06-161, Blk 19 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339410


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