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InstruQuest Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Component Supplier

About Company

InstruQuest Inc. develops unique and versatile scientific instruments for enhancing solid-state characterization, especially fine powders, with focus of studying properties of samples at different relative humidity (RH) and temperature conditions.

Our gas pycnometers employ progressive gas transfer to eliminate the elutriation problem of fine powders and the simultaneous moisture measurements allow for studying true density variations versus RH and temperature. The V-Gen RH generators are designed for easy interfacing with X-Ray diffractometers (and other instrumentation) to allow study of RH-induced phenomena of powdered substances under controlled RH conditions.

As ever-growing needs for innovative research create challenges to researchers, we constantly modify or develop new instrumentations to fulfill application specific requirements.

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InstruQuest Inc.

P.O. Box. 970366
FL, 33097 Coconut Creek

Phone: 1 (561) 2711958

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