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Class100nanofibers is dedicated to the manufacture of non-woven mats of nanofibers and is based in Lincoln, NE, USA. In addition to the their regular stock of products that include biodegradable and inorganic nanofibers mats produced in clean environments to suit the most demanding customer needs, the company also contracts R&D for designing specialized nanofibers mats.

Class100nanofibers high throughput technology allows the company to routinely produce wide non-woven mat rolls of variable thicknesses. Non-woven nanofibers mats are generating considerable attention for its use on tissue engineering, cell culture and specialized nancomposites among many others.

Business Type: Nanotextile » | Biotechnology » | Electrotechnics » |


4701 Innovation Dr
NE, 68521 Lincoln

Phone: +1 (402) 3230700

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