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V-KOOL Holdings Pty Ltd

About Company

V-Kool uses a patented nanotechnology process to embed a metallic coating only a few hundred atoms thick onto an optically clear and durable polyester film. When applied to windows, the product screens out over 90% of infra-red rays, while letting in over 70% of visible light. It cuts out about 98% of UV radiation. Unlike conventional tints, V-Kool is virtually transparent and maintains the clear, low reflective look of glass. It can be applied either as a film or laminated between sheets of glass.

Sales Contact

Mr Stephen Ward
General Manager

Business Type: Nanotextile » | Biotechnology » | Electrotechnics » |

V-KOOL Holdings Pty Ltd

143/91 Longueville Road
New South Wales, 2066 Lane Cove

Phone: 1 800 085 665

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