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Plantic Technologies Ltd

About Company

Plantic Technologies Ltd is commercialising research from the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science.

Plantic manufactures, under a world-wide exclusive licence, environmentally-friendly, starch-based polymers that have the look, feel and flexibility of conventional plastic. Made from corn, the material is rapidly biodegradable, can be coloured or thermoformed to various packaging applications. It is already in use with Cadbury, a large producer of chocolate in Australia.

In 2004, Plantic was awarded the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Industry, one of Australia’s top science awards.

Current projects include developing a biodegradable plastic shopping bag alternative for supermarket chains. Plantic seeks to make its product stronger and cheaper than conventional plastics, to extend its application to pharmaceutical products, such as blister packaging for drugs.

Plantic’s technology has been certified as ‘compostable’ to European standards and the company has offices in Europe.


Polymers, Resin, Thermoformers, Biodegradable Plastic, Starch Based Polymers, Injection Moulding Feedstock

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Sales Contact

Mr David MacInnes
Managing Director

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Plantic Technologies Ltd

Unit 2, Angliss Park Estate
Victoria, 3026 227-231 Fitzgerald Rd Laverton

Phone: +61 (3) 9353 7900

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