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Kunash Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

About Company

Since 2002 Kunash Instruments Pvt. Ltd. have been serving the scientific research & industrial R&D / QC fraternity with the state – of – art equipments to satisfy their Particle characterization needs. Particle size, Surface area, Pore size, Density and Surface activity are all important characteristics that are crucial to the development of new products. The efficient utilization of raw materials and our understanding of many natural phenomena. Pharmacology, Nanotechnology, pigments ceramics, environmental science, polymer science, Catalysis and Powder metallurgical science are only some of the fields where Particle / powder / bulk characterizations on Micromeritics Instruments are heavily relied upon. Kunash Instruments has recently been awarded exclusive distributorship for Zoex Corporation, USA in India. Zoex GC X GC (2D GC) products provide a large improvement over conventional 1DGC systems in terms of resolution and sensitivity. Kunash Instruments have also been awarded distributorship for Younglin Instrument Co. Ltd., Korea for marketing of their GC, HPLC, GPC and other products for marketing in the states of Tamilnadu and Kerela, India.

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Kunash Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Flat No. 2, Ground Floor, Vishal Tower
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400 601 Kolbad, Thane

Phone: 91 (22) 2547 6502

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