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Novelx, Inc. is a California Corporation that was incorporated in November 2002 based on the founders’ complementary and extensive experiences in electron optics, electron beam lithography, and MEMS and IC fabrication technology. Novelx is located in Lafayette, California and has developed and manufactured low-cost, high-resolution electron beam columns for inspection, analysis, and lithography applications.

Novelx’s first product is the mySEM. Powered by the patented Novelx Stacked Silicon Technology, the mySEM is a research-grade scanning electron microscope for imaging and characterizing nanoscale objects and materials and is the only high-performance, compact, field emission SEM. Optimized for low-voltage operation and without the need to coat nonconductive samples, the mySEM is an ideal choice for nondestructive imaging of energy sensitive samples, biomaterials and thin films.

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3746 Mt.Diablo Boulevard, Suite 100
CA, 94549 Lafayette

Phone: +1 (925) 962-0889

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