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Moore Nanotechnology Systems LLC

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Moore Nanotechnology Systems is dedicated to the development of ultra-precision machine systems, typically utilizing Single Point Diamond Turning and Deterministic Micro-Grinding technologies, for the production of plano, spherical, aspheric, conformal, and freeform optics.The company was established in 1997 to provide a highly focused and dedicated effort to develop, manufacture and supply ultra-precision manufacturing systems. Our world-class team of specialists have dedicated their careers to this technology. A unique combination of the most experienced engineers, academic scholars, advanced CAD systems, manufacturing facilities, and above all - vision - have made Nanotechnology Systems the fastest growing company in this field.

The Nanotechnology Systems team has an intensive program to develop relevant technologies for the unique demands of applications in the field of ultra-precision manufacturing. A particular emphasis is placed upon slideway and spindle design, advanced axis drive mechanisms, closed-loop feedback devices, CNC/motion controllers, and servo systems. In addition, an unmatched strength in process oriented technology is maintained.

We are one of four separate but synergistic businesses under the Moore Tool and Producto Machine brand names, within the PMT Group. Moore Tool Company has a long history in this arena, spanning over 30 years of the company's 75 year history. Indeed, Moore was the premiere manufacturer of diamond turning machinery during the pioneering years of the technology back in the 1960's. Since that time, Moore has continued to develop leading edge technologies through strategic partnerships with internationally renowned US Universities and Government Laboratories. Moore's track record covers many notable achievements. Testimony to these are more than 150 ultra-precision machining systems installed worldwide, together with some 4500 Jig Grinding systems and 6000 Jig Boring Systems.

Moore Nanotechnology Systems' commitment goes far beyond pure technological development. Our customers are our business partners, ultimately driving us to develop our technical support from both a hardware and process standpoint. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future.

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Moore Nanotechnology Systems LLC

426A Winchester St. P.O. Box 605
NH, 03431-0605 Keene

Phone: 1 (603) 352 3030

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