The GMBU e.V. is a non-profit organization for industrial research and development established in three departments with main competences each in Environmental Biotechnology, Opto-Sensors and Photonic Measurements and Thin-Film diagnostics and functional coatings.

Company has three departments. All of them are situated in Germany, namely in Halle, Jena and Dresden. Each of the departments deals with a specific field or a number of fields.

The competencies of Halle lie in environmental biotechnology. Department practices specific research and development in the areas of engineering, microbiology / biosensor technology and analytics. Key aspects are the development of measuring systems to the metabolic characterization of microorganisms in environmental biotechnology and bioprocess engineering as well as the development of methods in biological, environmental and chemical analytics.

The department Photonics and Sensorics is located in the south of Jena in the industrial area Göschwitz and provides innovative and applied research and development in the fields of: fluorescence detection and Spectral-Imaging for bio- and medical-technology, optical and opto-chemical sensors for environmental technology and process monitoring, optical spectroscopy for medical applications, UV radiation sources in environment technology and medical therapy.

The department of "functional coatings"  is positioned in the Technology Center Rossendorf (ROTECH) near Dresden.The group is working on nanosol-coatings for functionalisation of textiles, paper and medical products. Via coating these materials gain new and better properties, e.g. modification in surface energy or optical properties.

Since its foundation in 1992 the GMBU e.V. has become an essential part of the industrial research landscape in the middle east of Germany. With its innovation activities the GMBU e.V. build up an important linkage between academic research and the demands formulated by small and middle sized enterprises. The GMBU e.V. denominates itself as a center of excellence and know-how transfer in the fields of biotechnology, medical and environmental technologies.

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Erich-Neuß-Weg 5
06120 Halle

Phone: + 49 0345 7779641

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