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Material Manufacturer

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MicroConnex began commercial operations in 2001 with the mission to provide the highest quality design and manufacture of ultra high-density interconnect (HDI) flexible circuits to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

MicroConnex uses patented electrical technology, proprietary connective techniques, advanced laser processes and thin-film coating capabilities to custom-produce electrical interconnect circuits. Working in partnership with MicroConnex, OEM customers are able to rapidly commercialize advanced "micro-scale" technologies and products.

MicroConnex circuits are used in applications where lightweight, ultra-compact design and reliability are all critical -- examples include:

  • medical devices
  • integrated circuits
  • defense
  • biosensors and implants
  • aerospace
  • telecommunications

Many of the world's top technology companies consider MicroConnex a leading supplier-partner. These companies enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in the markets they serve by incorporating a custom MicroConnex flexible circuit into their products or systems. Because of their excellent reputation and technical capabilities, MicroConnex is often asked to supply circuits on behalf of competitors who have tried and failed.

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34935 SE Douglas Street, Suite 110
WA, 98065 Snoqualmie

Phone: 1 (425) 396 5707

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