The Main Research Areas of the company are the following: Synthesis, Photocatalysis, Water, Photonics

The concept of the company 42TEK S.L. was born in 2011, and was formally established in March 2013, quickly becoming a part of several important organizations and specialized platforms in the field of nanotechnology and in national, European and international water platforms, which allows positioning 42TEK SL, among scientific community and industry with the focus on the application of nanoscience and nanotechnology in water treatment in general and in synthesizing nanoparticles in particular. The starting point 42TEK SL ecosystem in terms of its products for the water sector always starts from the same premise to make the "Treatment of water without adding chemicals" which allows the company to be differential and competitively advantageous over other techniques and products on the market today, even to treat of the selective removal of contaminants, or generate water where there is currently no way they are arid and desert areas worldwide. The company 42TEK S.L. is synonymous with maximum flow rates at minimum costs. The main competitive advantage of 42TEK SL, is the ability to participate in most of the steps and processes in the value chain, from intellectual property to perform technology transfer resulting product or process in any country.

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C/San Idelfonso, 68

Phone: 34 656339535

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