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DSM Somos

About Company

The Somos business has been actively involved in the development of rapid prototyping materials since the late 1980’s. From the introduction of the first commercial Somos stereolithography resin in 1992 to today's introduction of Somos 12120, we have built our reputation on material innovation, the quality of our products and the dedicated support we give our customers.

DSM Somos has developed a full line of ProtoFunctional® materials that replicate production materials' performance parameters. From thermoplastic elastomers to polyethylene, DSM Somos has ProtoFunctional® solutions for stereolithography (SL) technologies.

DSM Somos is part of DSM Desotech, a leading innovative formulator and manufacturer of high quality ultraviolet and electron beam (UV/EB) curable materials.

DSM Desotech is a business unit of DSM - an international chemicals and materials group headquartered in The Netherlands, with annual sales of EUR 8.1 billion and a work force of approximately 22,000 employees at more than 200 sites worldwide.

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DSM Somos

2 Penn's Way, Suite 401
DE, 19720 New Castle

Phone: 1 (30) 23268100

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