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Tangible Future, Inc.

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Service Provider

About Company

Innovation has traditionally been a risky process, with a high failure rate1. In our experience, a significant portion of these failures occur due to neglect of a critical set of activities that lie at the intersection of technology and the market. We believe that many of these failures could have been avoided, and that the techniques for doing so can be systematized and applied in a variety of situations. TangibleFuture, Inc. was formed to take on these tasks, and to be a resource for high-tech entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our goal is to increase substantially our clients’ probability of success.

We work with startups, research organizations, and established companies planning to grow by means of new products, new markets, new business initiatives, or acquisitions. We focus particularly on markets and industries in which things are changing rapidly, or new disruptive technologies are emerging and creating turmoil. Our approach generally involves a blend of strategic advisory services, hands-on execution, and analysis — and is uniquely tailored for each engagement to help accomplish a specific, agreed upon, business objective.

Sales Contact

Mr Richard G. Caro

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Tangible Future, Inc.

San Francisco
United States California


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