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Applied Physics Technologies

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Applied Physics Technologies, incorporated in 1995 by William Mackie and Gary Cabe, is an outgrowth of research conducted for over a decade at Linfield Research Institute on transition metal carbides, thermionic and field electron sources. Demand for these products by industry, government and academic researchers led to the formation of APTech.

As a spin-off from Linfield Research Institute, APTech upholds a heritage of leadership in field emission research dating to the post-WWII era. Early successes by Walter Dyke led to the founding of LRI in 1955 to focus on field emission technology. Francis Charbonnier joined Dyke and others not long afterwards, and though now retired still maintains an involvement with research and development at LRI and here at APTech. Five decades of on-going field emission research from LRI has spawned a community of notable surface scientists and commercial enterprises in McMinnville and the broader Portland, Oregon area. APTech maintains close ties to the other members of this community, working together to further advance the science of electron emission and the technology of electron sources.

Applied Physics Technologies is involved both in the production and development of electron emitting materials and electron sources. Custom design and fabrication capabilities augment our standard catalog items to meet our customers' needs. Partnering is available for your more challenging product requirements, particularly for key component realization. We maintain an active role in fundamental electron emission research and publication, striving to bring the newest ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Bill Mackie, co-founder and president of APTech, is professor of physics at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon and a former director of the Linfield Research Institute. He has a lengthy list of publications in the areas of transition metal carbides, field emission cathodes, thermionic sources and thin film uses of refractory materials.

Gary Cabe, co-founder and vice president of Applied Physics Technologies, came to Linfield Research Institute in 1991. Prior to that he was with FEI Company for 14 years. He has an extensive background in manufacturing technology, field emission cathodes and guns, UHV systems and electronic components.

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Applied Physics Technologies

1600 NE Miller Street
OR, 97128 McMinnville,

Phone: 1 (503) 434 5550

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