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Universidad de Oviedo/Facultad de Ciencias

Universidad de Oviedo/Facultad de Ciencias

The main research areas of the Univesity are magnetic nanostructures, magnetic thin films, magnetooptics, amorphous magnetism.

The Department of Physics of condensed materials is working on the field of NanoTechnology for information processing storage and transmission, particularly on nanoelectronics, materials and devices, optoelectronics/optical materials and devices, as well as on nanotechnology for sensor applications (Nanostructured sensors) and Instruments and equipment, supporting sciences and technologies (Deposition equipment and techniques Patterning equipment and techniques). The persons responsible for this area are ALAMEDA, Jose Maria, Jose Ignacio Martín Carbajo, María Vélez Fraga. Jose Maria Alameda is also a coordinator of the project Cooperative phenomena in nanostructured hybrid systems. Instruments and equipment available in the department: Sputtering System ( DC-RF magnetrons(3) and ion-gun) AFM , MFM and MOKE microscopies e-beam lithography and RIE-RIBE AGM magnetometer

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Universidad de Oviedo/Facultad de Ciencias

C/ Calvo Sotelo
33007 Oviedo

Phone: 985103322

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