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Center for NanoMaterials (cNM)

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

With the foundation of the Center for NanoMaterials (cNM) the TU/e strives to give a strong impulse to the fundamental and technological research of materials and devices with critical dimensions in the (sub)nanometer region. The center should foster a further integration of the existing excellent research activities on nanotechnology by facilitating multidisciplinary research, promoting exchange of expertise and the expansion of the available infrastructure.

The activities of cNM will extend over all faculties and research schools and include our activities in the areas of scanning probe microscopy's (especially for the characterization and manipulation at the atomic/molecular scale), novel optical techniques for spectroscopy and manipulation, experience in the bottom-up synthesis of complex macromolecular and supramolecular structures, polymer research, catalysis, self-assemblage and self-organization of nanostructured semiconductor and metallic structures, polymer blends, organic molecules and bio-chemical systems.

Research and training of young researchers will be one of the explicit tasks of cNM. The Dutch industry will need a constant influx of experts, trained in the multidisciplinary disciplines of nanotechnology; chemistry, physics, biology and mechanical engineering in order to lead future developments in the area of nanotechnology. The local availability of all relevant expertise at the TU/e guarantees and efficient and essential contribution to the industrial needs.

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Center for NanoMaterials (cNM)

P.O. Box 513
Netherlands 5600 MB Eindhoven


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