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Mp3s Nanotechnology Pvt. Ltd.

About Company

The company is involved in the manufacture of equipments & chemicals based on nanotechnology. Its products include equipments for textile waste water recycling for dyeing and other processes.

R&D cell of Mp3s Nanotechnology Pvt. Ltd. has successfully developed the state of the art, nano zetacatalytic technology for 100% waste water reuse up to 200000ppm TDS in all textile process.

Other Nanotechnology based Equipment is for Vat dyeing. It is company’s own research oriented system. It reduces consumption of Caustic Soda by 50%; reducing agent-Sodium hydro sulphite by 50 to 75% and use of Oxidizing agent Hydrogen peroxide is completely eliminated. It reduces the Vat Dyeing time by 2 hrs. Effectively it is a great eco-friendly green process as it minimizes chemicals going into the effluent water right at the source.

For the first time in the history of textile industries Mp3s Nanotechnology Pvt. Ltd. has proved that zero water discharge is not a buzz word or a concept but a reality. This involves recycle of waste water for textile processing with our nanotechnology based equipment without too much of power consumption etc. Again Mp3s Nanotechnology has proved that Vat dyeing is possible with very lesser quantities of Hydro and caustic.

Mp3s Nanotechnology Pvt. Ltd. has been offering total solution for reuse of textile waste water again in textile process without the expensive membranes technology (RO) with minimum power.

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Mp3s Nanotechnology Pvt. Ltd.

187, Sherif Devji Street, Sabun Bhavan, 5th Floor,
400 003 Mumbai

Phone: +91 (22) 28404152

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