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National Research Council of Canada

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In May 1992 the NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics (NRC-IBD) stood as 25 people and a bold idea. Since then, some 500 persons have worked with us, and this vibrant centre is now home to over 200 researchers and staff. NRC-IBD research initiatives have grown from $2 million in 1992/1993 to $16 million in 2004/2005, and we continue to grow. We are also very active in the commercialization of technology.

At NRC-IBD, our mandate is twofold - perform world-class research in noninvasive medical diagnostics, and transfer this knowledge to the health community and commercial sector. The results should make a very real difference to people's health, influencing diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Furthermore, NRC-IBD products and expertise should stimulate the local economy, and that of Canada.

As our growing track record demonstrates, we continue to fulfill this mandate and generate results. Our research has grown rapidly, our influence has spread worldwide, and our diagnostic instruments are used around the world. We have started six spin off companies with a present value greater than $200 million. We have created satellite research labs labs in Calgary and Halifax. Our impact on the Winnipeg economy is approximately $30 million per year.

Our commercial successes have led us to expand our efforts in this regard. In 2005, we opened the 40,000 sq. ft. NRC Centre for the Commercialization of Biomedical Technology (NRC-CCBT). Programming and services in the Centre are provided by a non-profit organization, Biomedical Commercialization Canada. Our partners are the federal government, the government of Manitoba, and private organizations. The building is filling up rapidly with small firms and start up companies.

What drives the growing momentum at NRC-IBD? There is an overriding commitment to working 'inside out'. We are committed to working collaboratively within our community, inside our country, and around the world. This is reflected in everything we do from research to business.

The second and the most pivotal driver is our people. We are fortunate to have hired outstanding personnel with a wide variety of high level specialties. NRC-IBD people work hard, work well, and are very loyal to Canada. Our extremely multicultural staff make our many international collaborations much easier to initiate and maintain. We have over 40 spoken languages within the Institute.

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National Research Council of Canada

435 Ellice Avenue
MB, R3B 1Y6 Winnipeg

Phone: 1 (204) 983 7692

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