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Cytozyme Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

For more than twenty five years Cytozyme has worked with governments, universities, research groups, foundations and individual farmers on six continents to find better ways to grow more food of a higher nutritional value. We have now become an importantn element in balancing the worldwide production of food. We are a dynamic company, constantly exploring new areas of scientific research and development.

Technology is the agricultural tool of tomorrow - the undisputed answer to food production and nutritional needs in the near and distant future. Today, the products of our scientific research are available through distributors in countries all over the world.

Our Products work in partnership with traditional agricultural practices to help improve the quality of people's lives everywhere. In real terms, this means more rice, wheat, fruit and vegetables to meet nutritional needs of an ever expanding population. It means better quality, higher yielding plants that put more income in the farmer's hands. It means higher quality poultry, better beef, more productive dairy cows, and healthier horses.

At Cytozyme, we believe that every man, woman and child is entitled to the highest standard of living that the environment has to offer. We dedicate our science and our efforts to making that belief a reality.

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Cytozyme Inc.

134 South 700 West
Utah, 84104 Salt Lake City

Phone: 1 (801) 533 9208

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