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BioNavis Ltd

About Company

BioNavis Ltd is a Finland-based private company founded in 2006. BioNavis manufactures SPR Navi™ instruments with superior features and performance to be used in Life Science, Material Science and Biosensors research. The mission of BioNavis is to develop Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology beyond today’s understanding, to stay atop of the latest developments and to bring the best to the market. BioNavis products are available through a network of 30 distributors in more than 40 countries worldwide.


MP-SPR - The next generation of SPR. For the past 20 years SPR has been used for biomolecular interaction analysis. Now MP-SPR broadens the application range to biophysical studies, and biomaterial studies. Thickness and refractive index can be measured both on nanolayers (0.5-100 nm) and on thick layers (300 nm – few microns). With additional lasers, a singular solution can be found without known RI or thickness! MP-SPR can be applied to almost any material ranging from ultrathin metals to thick polymers or layers of living cells.


SPR Navi™ instruments expand the traditional SPR application areas from biomolecular interactions in life sciences to new applications in material science and sensor development. With the addition of another laser pair into the system, SPR Navi™ can measure on a number of samples and in conditions, others cannot.

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BioNavis Ltd

Elopellontie 3C
Finland 34 70 Ylöjärvi (Tampere-region)


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