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FLX Micro

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

FLX Micro is the first company to develop a process to cost-effectively microfabricate poly-SiC for high volume applications. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers to develop application-specific turnkey components with significant cost/performance advantages. Our extensive expertise in silicon carbide product development and microfabrication process technologies enables our customers to reduce the risk, cost, and time associated with bringing new technologies to market.

Due to poly-SiC’s superior mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties, our sensors are ideally suited to extreme environments, such as temperature, pressure, flow, or chemical exposure. By making it possible to place sensors within a wider range of environmental conditions, FLX Micro opens up new market opportunities where conventional sensors have proven impractical.

FLX Micro’s unique approach leverages the processes and tooling already well established in a semiconductor manufacturing environment, enabling our customers to easily integrate silicon carbide-based technologies into existing manufacturing lines, without massive re-investment. Despite significant research in alternative advanced materials, such as monocrystalline SiC and polycrystalline diamond, none of these have proven compatible with batch microfabrication processing techniques, an essential requirement for an economically viable solution.

Our proprietary, patent pending technology in SiC microfabrication is the result of more than 12 years of research and development. Our exclusive rights to processes developed by Case Western Reserve University and our relationship with the University of California-Berkeley give us access to advanced technologies developed by the top two academic institutions involved in SiC MEMS research.

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FLX Micro

4415 Euclid Avenue Suite 303
OH, 44103 Cleveland

Phone: 1 (216) 431 3356

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