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nanoStrata Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

NanoStrata Inc. a new company dedicated to facilitating research and development into ultrathin films by sequential adsorption.

We offer a low-cost robotic solution to the tedious, time consuming task of exposing your laboratory-scale substrate to various solutions in an alternating manner. This well-tested, rugged technology has been used to produce thousands of multilayered samples.

Take advantage of several years combined experience in the science, technology and applications of layer-by-layer assembly. We offer insight and specialized engineering solutions to get new R & D off to a quick and productive start, or to provide continuing R & D with a competitive edge!

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nanoStrata Inc.

PO Box 4031
Florida, 32315 Tallahassee

Phone: 1 (850) 294 7970

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