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Accelrys® (NASDAQ:ACCL) has over twenty years of leadership in the delivery of computational science and informatics software to diverse R&D organizations. The company combines experience and intellectual property developed during twenty years of serving research organizations with simulation, bioinformatics, cheminformatics and middleware technology.

Accelrys’ 550 employees include over 200 Ph.D. scientists, many leaders in their field, supported by experienced software development teams. The company's Centers of Excellence are located in San Diego, USA; Cambridge, UK; and Bangalore, India. These combine research and product development with facilities for significant collaborative projects. Regional sales and service teams support customers throughout North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.

The company has active relationships with all major pharmaceutical corporations, many leading chemical and diversified research companies and hundreds of biotechnology organizations. Thousands of users worldwide also include researchers in academia and government laboratories. The Accelrys offering is augmented through partnership—including strategic business alliances with IBM and HP and other key partnerships with companies such as SGI, Sun and Oracle.

Primary Activity
Computational science and informatics software and related services

Software and Services
Accelrys software and service expertise covers disciplines from gene sequence analysis and proteomics, through medicinal chemistry, to inorganic chemistry, polymer science and formulation design. Its modeling and simulation products enable researchers to create models ranging from materials and chemicals to DNA and proteins. These tools can help researchers understand key problems, generate new ideas, and focus their research on the most productive pathways. Not only is Accelrys is the best single source for software applications focused on specific scientific problems across this range, but it also has a services organization that can help companies tackle critical research challenges. Services include training, telephone and on-line customer support, outsourced contract research and assistance with implementation, solutions consulting, integration and data migration. Overall, Accelrys’ scientific software and service solutions help to optimize the efficiency of R&D organizations by enhancing scientific insight and promoting data management. The result is accelerated discovery and development of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials.

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Computational science and informatics software, contract research, implementation, solutions consulting, integration, data migration, and training.

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10188 Telesis Court, Suite 100
California, 92121 San Diego

Phone: +1 (858) 7995000

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