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Cyrospace Inc.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Formed in July 1998 in Houston, Texas, the primary goal of Cyrospace, Inc. is to offer customers a source for technology development and commercialization as well as assistance with technology mining – the practice of integrating existing technical solutions.

Cyrospace is currently engaged in the development of several advanced enabling technologies either in direct support of its clients’ projects or in support of its own strategic technology portfolio.

As a leading technology mining, development, and commercialization company, Cyrospace forms beneficial commercial arrangements on behalf of technology providers, technology buyers, and investors relating to underutilized medical, communications, information, alternative energy and other advanced technologies.

While intellectual property ("IP") and other knowledge-based assets can comprise up to 85% of a company's commercial value, top commercial entities, research institutes, and heavily-innovative US Government agencies often fail to unlock the value of their IP. Even though these technologies can offer real commercial opportunity, the marketplace often has difficulty in understanding and negotiating business relationships with the IP owners, or is inadequately informed of the technologies' existence and usefulness. This same issue exists in scientific institutions and other entities with IP assets.

Cyrospace brings experience and proprietary processes to help its clients to access, manage, and transfer important IP assets, thereby realizing the true value of their organizations. "We Mine unrealized technologies buried in the trenches, develop new technologies based on the needs of our clients, or perform a crucial role in commercialization of breakthrough technologies."

To address the needs of entrepreneurs, Cyrospace has pioneered a fast track development, transfer, and incubation process. This approach supplies the infrastructure needed, a network of industry partners, and provides experienced management, engineering, and scientific personnel who perform in depth analysis of the technologies, develop the products, and establish the start-up companies in a focused and timely manner.

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Cyrospace Inc.

605 6th Street, Suite E
Texas, 77565 Kemah

Phone: 1 (281) 535 7077

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